David Obdržálek

RNDr. David Obdržálek, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

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Room: N237 (Troja, Impakt, floor 2), rarely (on appointment only) S124 (Mala Strana, floor 1)

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  • Robotics! Every kind of :-)


Courses List

  • NAIL028 Introduction to Robotics (winter term)

    This introductory course overviews key topics in robotics: kinematic and dynamic model, basic components (hardware, sensors and actuators, software), control systems, introduction to localization, mapping, planning.

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  • NPRG037 Microcontroller Programming (winter term)

    The course is focused on microcontrollers, their programming and application usage. The course will consist of theoretical as well as practical part, where the attendees will try programming and usage of a real microcontroller.

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  • NAIL112 Middleware for robotics (winter term)

    This course provides an overview of various middleware platforms used in robotics. The course is focused towards autonomous robot control systems (UGV, UAV). We will be using ROS since it is currently one of the most widespread middleware platforms available. Throughout the course we will learn how to control either simulated or real robots.

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  • NAIL108 Mobile Robotics (summer term)

    This course concerns on topics specific to mobile robotics. The topics are focused on autonomous devices or SGVs - “Self-Guided Vehicles”: hardware, software, algorithms, and theoretical problems.

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  • NPRG025 Interfaces in Robotics (summer term)

    Interconnection of robotic devices, both hardware and software. Course will consist of referative lectures and practical interconnection examples.

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  • NAIL061 Seminar on Mobile Robotics (summer term)

    Referative seminar about theoretical and practical aspects of Mobile Robotics, based on published papers.

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  • NAIL101 Probabilistic Robotics (summer term)

    During its life a robot deals with many problems: It wakes up - without knowing where it is. It is going - without knowing how and where. It is doing - without knowing what and why. These difficulties come from an inaccuracy of sensors and from a complexity of the real world, which cannot be accurately captured by a simple model. Our goal for this class is to familiarize ourselves with various algorithmic methods, which help us with dealing with the uncertainty originating from our and robot's ignorance.

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  • NAIL073 Robot I

    Design and construction of a mobile autonomous robot, e.g. for a competition.

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  • NAIL074 Robot II

    Design and implementation of control software for a mobile autonomous robot, e.g. for a competition.

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  • NPRG045 Individual Software Project

    The goal of this course is development of a software project using any common programming language. It is organized as individual work and consultations with a supervisor. The development consists of a specification, implementation, deployment, and relevant documentation.


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