• Internals


Available services

  • SMTPS: mail.ktiml.mff.cuni.cz, port 465

  • IMAPS: mail.ktiml.mff.cuni.cz, port 993

  • WEBMAIL - web based mail client

  • STORAGE - cloud file service (use WEBMAIL credentials to authenticate)

  • OVERLEAF - online collaborative LaTeX editor (ask web admin for registration)

  • PERSONAL WEB - webhosting service for department members

  • PERSONAL PROFILE - short personal profile of department members

  • REDMINE - project management web application (use your surname as login and your WEBMAIL password to authenticate, ask web admin to start a new project)

  • Intranet & wi-fi - stuff members and PhD students can use internal department network and department wi-fi MS-KTI which is available in the building.

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Department secretary

(Petra Novotná)

Tel.:+420 951 554 245


Petra Novotná

Web administrator

(Jindřich Vodrážka)

Jindřich Vodrážka

Server administrator

(Milan Fučík)

Milan Fučík


Department of Theoretical Computer Science and Mathematical Logic

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

Charles University

Malostranské náměstí 25

Prague 1, 118 00

Czech Republic