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Mgr. Petr Gregor, Ph.D.

Petr Gregor
Petr Gregor

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Welcome to my department homepage.

If you are looking for a topic for Bc. or Mgr. thesis under my supervision, I offer several interesting topics.


  • NAIL062 Propositional and Predicate Logic - lecture [S3, Tuesday, 15:40]

    More information on the lecture (in Czech) can be found here.

    A parallel lecture in English (by Jakub Bulín) is on Monday 9:00 in S10, see materials from previous years here.

  • NAIL062 Propositional and Predicate Logic - seminars [S6, Wednesday, 10:40]

    This seminar is in Czech. More information can be found here.

  • NTIN090 Introduction to Complexity and Computability - practicals [S1, Tuesday, 10:40]

    These practicals are in English. More information can be found here.

  • NTIN097 Hypercube problems - lecture

    The course is taught in the winter semester. Please send me an email if you would like to take this course. More information and lecture scribes from the previous year are available here.

  • NTIN071 Automata and grammars - seminars

    Teaching in the summer semester. More information (in Czech) can be found here.

Selected publications

The list of publications is available here.

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